What do you look for when buying a luggage set? Are you interested in its size, look, material it is made or just a price? It is obvious that a practical set of luggage should cost very cheap. Today you have an opportunity to find out about a great set for the family or you only which price will surprise you.

Prices for the set of 4 pieces start from 40$ and lead to 1000$. The cost depends on the name, the material, size and features the product offers. It would be impossible to write about every single set you can find on the internet. Therefore, there is American Tourister Luggage review that is a perfect purchase that can ever be done!

American Tourister Fieldbrook Luggage Set Review

American Tourister Fieldbrook II

American tourister fieldbrook luggage set

It is an amazing set of 4 pieces that will attract you from the first sight. All bags are made of 100% Polyester and have ultra light weight construction. Each bag includes of numerous pockets which are good for different stuff. Read below about its features and choose it for comfortable travelling.

  • Best price

According to the price – 100$ it should be the set number one because you also have the option to choose the colour (black, green, purple with silver, red, navy violet). It means that each piece comes to 25$ which is a great deal. Not many brands offer such low cost for four different size bags, so take it into consideration

  • Longevity

American Tourister Fieldbrook has a sturdy built with reinforced corners which will prolong its usage for many years.  An excellent protection from cuts and breaks makes all these 4 units good for frequent trips

  • Options

The set includes two rolling suitcases, one duffle and one carry-on bag. Each bag has enough space for belongings, shoes and cosmetics. Use two big size rolling suitcases if you need to take a lot of clothes, especially such as suits and dresses

  • More room

The biggest suitcase has a feature to expand for 2 inches, which is a perfect option if you bought presents or need to put extra clothes in the last minute. Also, it provides a button for locking a handle. It is great when you go on holidays, as your bag usually gets bigger after travelling than when you packed it at home

  • Carried duffle bag

It is an amazing option if you are not in a very comfortable situation to roll and move with your bag that has wheels. The set offers one duffle bag, which can be carried. Plus, you can take this bag, in particular, to the cabin if it does not overcome the weight and the size.

Overall, American Tourister 4 Piece Luggage Set is the best idea for convenient travelling. Just think what clothes you should take on the next trip and choose the most appropriate size from the set.


American Tourister Fieldbrook Luggage Set
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American Tourister Fieldbrook Luggage Set
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