Rimowa-Luggage-ReviewOne of the most important things to consider when planning a trip to some country or city – is, of course, the luggage. And for those people, who travel a lot and are demanding on high quality, function, lightweight and modern stylish design – the Rimowa luggage is a great option. Travelling is a very unpredictable “adventure” and nobody knows what might happen. Sometimes the luggage might be destroyed or torn right during the trip or when receiving the luggage. Therefore in order to avoid all these problems and feel comfortable and calm while travelling, take a look at the Rimowa review. As it is not only lightweight aluminum luggage but also a great “friend” and a status symbol for millions of travellers all over the world. Apart from that the Rimowa manufacturers propose their suitcases in different colours and sizes, widest range and prices, so that everyone could have a chance to travel with comfort and ease.The Rimowa brand is considered to be one of the best among its competitors all over the world. Its main criterion is the quality and it should always be number one. Very often the Rimowa suitcases are chosen for luxury travel and that’s why it has no choice but to be the best in everything. As soon as you see this suitcase it is clear and visible that it is a top ranked, functional and stylish luggage for a perfect voyage. It is very easy to distinguish it from other suitcases, thanks to its grooves in shells, e.g Salsa Cabin Multiwheel – very lightweight, modern and has enough space for clothes and other items to last for a week or even more. Whatever model from Rimowa you purchase, your money will definitely be well spent and you will not regret it.

Rimowa Luggage Review

But before coming closer to the Rimowa luggage review, let’s first look at its history and how this brand appeared and is developing now. The beginning of the Rimowa brand goes back at the end of 20th century and it is still on the market due to its high-tech, spirit and innovations. The brRimowa-Luggage-Reviews-300x219and is German and in 1937 Dieter Morszeck was the first who used aluminum for making a suitcase, later they also started using polycarbonate material – very light but at the same time very firm, strong, in simple words – the one that will never be damaged. The Rimowa company tries to combine something traditional and innovative to keep to people’s needs. That’s the reason why so many buy exactly these suitcases, as they are simply unique and luxurious. Perhaps the price might be a little high for some people, but one should realize that this luggage will serve you years and will travel thousands of miles with you. Consequently, such an investment will be paid off during the years.Now when we know some facts from its history and unique functions and high quality, one more big advantage can be added – 5-year warranty. This number should inspire you to purchase any model of Rimowa immediately. Also, you may not worry that if something happens during these 5 years, your suitcase will always be repaired or replaced within days.

If you are searching for carry on suitcase then the Rimowa Salsa Cabin Multiwheel that was mentioned above is exactly what you need. It is very lightweight – 6.4 pounds and height 21”, width – 14”, therefore there will be no problems to put it in an overhead bin. Some suitcases have problems and make the person stop from time to time because of short handle, but that’s not the case with the Salsa Multiwheel from Rimowa as its telescoping handle is the whole 42” that you can adjust to whatever length you need. Yet another its advantage is the presence of the 4 wheels that let the suitcase turn smoothly on all directions without any complications.

Speaking about the shape and material it is made of: it is very sleek and made of polycarbonate that makes it firm and gives the ability to get its shape back immediately. While travelling our suitcase can be thrown by the taxi drivers and baggage handlers, but the Salsa Air Multiwheel’s shape will always remain the same. One more evidence why it can’t be damaged – all four edges and corners as well as the bottom are reinforced. There is also the TSA-approved integrated lock. Only you and the TSA official can open your bag, that’s why you may not worry that somebody would steal something. The top handle is very comfortable for gripping when you check in or, on the contrary, pick up your luggage.

Moving closer to the inside of the bag, you will be really surprised because even the inside of the bag was made thinking about the people’s needs and comfort while packing and unpacking. There are two standard sections that are divided by the zipper. This technology will not let your cloth get in the zipper, thereby ruining it. One its side is made for placing big items whereas the other is designed for smaller ones and is kept by the strap. Then of course you can put in more clothes, and simply zip it.

Concluding the Rimowa Salsa Air Multiwheel carry-on bag, one can understand that this suitcase is suitable for both business trips and vacation as it has a classic look but at the same time very stylish and luxurious. The Rimowa brand equals the quality and innovations it is developing and working on every day. Buying it, you will be happy and satisfied for the next 5 or maybe even more years. Therefore don’t waste the time searching for something else, buy the Salsa Multiwheel from Rimowa – that means happy packing and bon voyage!

Rimowa Luggage Review
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