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To choose the best carry on garment bag is a real problem for me since I am short. I work with kids and I am reminded about my little height every day. When they hit 11, all of them shoot past me because, in fact, I am 5’2’’, so that when they are 12, I should stand on some stool to be imposing.Knowing this, you now realize all the “fun” I experience when I am travelling. Unfortunately for my husband, it is he who plays the role of the pack rat and carries all my bags, especially the garment ones since I am so ridiculously small that they drag on the ground. Just consider that most such bags are around 40 inches, so being 62 in total, I should hold it at the level of my shoulders to prevent it dragging on the ground.



Samsonite Carry On Garment Bag Review

The Samsonite Hyperspace Spinner Garment Bag – High-Tech Luggage Origami

This garment bag can change all that. Its look does not actually differ from a carry-on bag. This garment bag on wheels folds over. Thanks to zipping onto itself, everything is kept within a compact space.

I am sure you will be astonished by this feature as much as I was.

Make It An Impressive Set

The bag can be of black, grey or teal colors and only sports one are suitable for this purpose. However, you can purchase other bags from the line produced by Samsonite company if you want to have this one as a part of a set.

Structure, Space, Age

Thanks to the high-tech design of the fabric, it remains clean longer and resists stains. However, if it gets dirty for any reason, you can be sure that the nylon blend will be easy to wipe off. Despite the softer exterior, the case’s skeleton is made according to a honeycomb design that is hard to dent.

Being actually a garment bag, you can use it for everything. It is not limited to only things that hang. Comparing to a typical garment bag, the bottom of this one is flatter and provides you with more than enough space for toiletries and other essential items, for example, shoes and so on!

Stands Up By Itself

This bag does not hang. However, you can access your things without getting them out. When you rich your destination, some garment bags that do not hang require removing all the things that should remain hanging while you are using the contents. This case is different and thus better. It stands up thanks to the retractable handle so that it can remain open.

Save Your Space

The Samsonite hyperspace spinner garment bag is not a giant piece of luggage. It will not suit you for a week trip out of town. However, it is the best solution for quick trips when your nice clothes should remain pressed. You will experience all the benefits of its relatively small size when you are taking this bag on a plane. Thanks to this case, you can skip baggage claim and carry it right to the gate since it can be placed into the overhead compartment, thus it helps you to save a lot of time.

The case is even tall enough for holding clothes made for tall and/or big people. Being a compact garment carrier, it does not mean it cannot be used for those who do not fit “off the rack” sizes.

A Slight Niggle

However, making this review, I do have to mention one slight concern. Although this bag is pretty resilient, some customers have reported that its wheels may come off. Ideally, such a situation will not happen if you properly take care of the bag and do not check it at the baggage claim.

Overall, if you need the compact versatility of your garment bag that will do all the hanging work, the Samsonite Hyperspace Spinner Garment Bag will be the best variant for you.


Samsonite Carry On Garment Bag
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Samsonite Carry On Garment Bag
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