When thinking about buying the Swiss Gear Luggage, for sure, one starts to associate the word Swiss with, for example Swiss Army, which automatically means Swiss knife that is very qualitative and can easily open a can or even charge a tire. All this means high quality, something that will serve you a long time as well as something that will be super functional and correspond all people’s needs. All these qualities are also suitable for the well-known and extremely famous Swiss  Gear Travel Gear Luggage. All its advantages couldn’t stop us from writing a positive SwissGear carry-on luggage review. That’s why here it is.

Swiss Gear Luggage Review


When the Swiss Gear brand appeared, the manufacturers were producing only backpacks and computer bags. Very fast their goods became very popular among people from all over the world. People who are in love of hiking were buying these backpacks as they are comfortable, durable, commodious etc. Also, almost every person has a laptop now and, of course, he/she tries to protect it as much as possible while travelling. And again the best buy computer bags turned out to be made by the Swiss Gear. People have simply nothing to complain about, but to leave positive comments and be happy and satisfied with using their purchases. In its turn the Swiss Gear company made everything for this positive opinion – their goods are innovative, modern, stylish, long-lasting and with reasonable and affordable prices.

Furthermore, they decided to expand and started making luggage that’s called – Travel Gear. Having such a Swiss gear suitcase – you have an opportunity to put there everything you want and not worry about anything. As the Swiss gear suitcases are firm, strong, practical and moreover lightweight. A perfect luggage for perfect travelling.


The material it is made of is the best in its range as the latest fabrics were used. Due to this fact you may not worry about any kind of damaging, such as tearing or scratching. Also, the mesh of the Swiss gear luggage is strong enough to extend so that you can fulfill the suitcase with all the planned items. Despite this fact, all the items will not be turned over but will arrive in the same position as you have packed them – neatly and precisely. One more big advantage of this brand is the warranty it proposes – 5 years. You can be absolutely sure that this bag will serve you all these years without any problems as inside the bag as outside it. It is simply perfect for those, who travel on a frequent basis and require something stylish, modern, presentable yet of a high quality and functional.

While moving this Swiss Gear Travel suitcase, one will have no problems as it will simply repeat all moves made by your hand. All this is due to the 360-degree spinning wheels that are very long-lasting. The time when you had to drag the bag behind you doesn’t longer exist. As well as the days when you had to stop and make pauses because the handle is too short and causes inconvenience and sometimes backache. In case with the Swiss Gear Travel Gear Luggage, this will never happen as it is equipped with a long handle that you can adjust to any length you need. And also pulling your luggage close to you and not behind, will give you a clear view of where you are going.Not all companies that produce luggage propose outside pockets, but the SwissGear luggage DOES and it is a huge advantage and beloved feature by the customers. Let’s take an example of the following model – mid-sized 24” Spinner – has 2 outside pockets. They are big enough to put your laptop, or documents/papers. In no case should you worry about their safety as these outside pockets are padded. In case if you have a carry on Swiss Gear luggage, you can easily fit it into the overhead bin and if you have a need in your laptop, you can easily take it off the outside pocket. When checking in or picking up the luggage, the handle plays a very important role. The SwissGear handle is easy to grip.


There is always some worrying as the luggage handlers are not very careful with suitcases. Though it is not a problem as the zippers in the Swiss Gear suitcases are not simple but are zinc alloy. That’s why no matter how harsh they might throw the suitcase everything will be fine and the zipper isn’t an exception. Another very important and unique feature is the presence of an ID tag thanks to which your suitcase will be returned to you in case of lost or taken by somebody else.The inside of the bag is as important as the outside. Looking inside the Swiss Gear suitcase, one will never be disappointed. As you will find a few compartments that are very comfortable for packing. This suitcase allows you to put any items you want – big or small, sharp and made of glass. You may be 100 percent sure that when you get your luggage back, everything will be at the same place and in a perfect condition.

When travelling, we always think of buying presents and souvenirs for our friends, relatives or family members, and that’s why when we are coming back from any trip the suitcase is always bigger. And the Swiss Gear luggage can expand to as much as 2 inches. That’s why no matter how many souvenirs you have bought, there will always be a safe place for them in the suitcase.Making conclusion, one can say that we are very positive about this brand and, therefore, the Swiss Gear luggage review is highly positive too. Lots of people having bought this suitcase once, keep coming again and again and even advise others to do so as they are affordable for everyone and will serve you a long time. Happy buying and bon voyage!


Swiss Gear Luggage
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