While shopping for a bag, I realized that there are lots of different luggage brands that offer a wide variety of options which made my decision difficult. If you are shopping for high-quality luggage in a particular price range, find the brand you trust and narrow its offers down to the line of pieces that suit you best. Below, there is a brief overview of the best luggage brands.

Top 10 Luggage Brands Review


Rockland Luggage usually offers the most affordably-priced pieces. While some manufacturers offer sets that cost more than $100, Rockland Luggage doesn’t produce more expensive items than that. In fact, they focus on brightly colored products with attractive patterns. Since they don’t have any business oriented pieces in stock, all of their products come at a relatively small price. Before buying luggage from them, keep in mind that the durability of their products has been put in question.



One of the best suitcase brands is Samsonite, which produces durable, moderately priced luggage pieces that are common for both personal and business use. Even through most of their offers are reasonably-priced, some sets may come at a pretty high price. They focus on producing functional luggage pieces that will last for ages.



Delsey Luggage produces mid-priced luggage pieces. However, there are options that are a little bit more expensive than that. They offer lightweight bags for those who don’t want to carry around heavy luggage. The pieces usually come equipped with spinner wheels for easy transportation. They have quite a few hard-shell cases that feature durable polycarbonate exteriors.


Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin offers reasonably-priced luggage sets that look like those with a hefty price tag. The bags are made to last. Since some options come with patterns, not all of their products are suitable for business use. Even though the patterns are classy, they are still a little bit wild for business.


American Tourister

American Tourister produces low-priced and mid-priced pieces. Most of their products are soft-shell ones that come in bright colors. Before buying a piece, be sure to check its wheels. Some of their options still come with the oldy-moldy, in-line wheels instead of the spinner ones.



Athalon focuses on duffle bags of all kinds, colors, and prints. Their products are not suitable for business use; moreover, they are not as durable as you would like them to be. Many people buy these pieces for short trips. Young people like the bags for their vibrant design.



TravelPro Luggage produces mid-priced luggage pieces that are usually used by airline employees like flight attendants and pilots. Their refined bags are pretty flexible.


Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley offers bags that come at absolutely different prices: some pieces are very cheap while others are available at more than $200. If you need a bag for business use, then don’t go further than Briggs & Riley. Even though their bags are not the best ones, they are created with an account of a business traveler’s needs.


Wally Bags

Wally Bags produces exclusively garment bags. They offer only one kind of pieces because they have a patent on the technology used to hold user’s belongings. You may want to have one of their bags as your suitcase because their pieces are pretty roomy. Note that you won’t be able to hang it in the closet because of its proprietary hanger locking mechanism. If you want to support your favorite sports team, then go for a bag with a logo.


US Traveler

US Traveler produces affordably-priced luggage sets that come in almost every color. These pieces are not likely to be the ones that will last you for ages, but they are cheap enough so replacing them doesn’t break a heart. US Traveler offers come mostly in sets. Keep in mind that they come in pretty “wild” colors and patterns.


Other Options

There are also other reputable brands such as Beverly Hills Country Club, Olympia, and Traveler’s Choice. All of them have the same advantages and disadvantages, including vibrant colors and rolling pieces with their durability put in question. The best brand of luggage to consider is Cenzo. They produce gorgeous old-school leather bags that are exceptionally durable.

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