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It is a simple fact that most people believe that it is not worth to pay much attention to the travel suitcases. Maybe this is a single reason behind the picture you see at the airport when the owners of these bags struggle to pass security checkpoints. It is hard to see the people who owe more expensive and a good quality luggage to experience any difficulties with the luggage during the travelling and it looks like all of them are about to fly on holidays.

Lucas Travel Bags Review

Most of the people dispute that a good luggage requires a valid investment which does not worth the result. However, thinking adequately, this is not the weighty argument. The only logic intention to interpret the situation in such way is the absence of wish to spend a little bit more time for the search. Eventually, it is sensibly easy to find a fine quality reasonably priced travel suitcases. Especially because nowadays the competition in the market of travelling accessories is very high and the supply range of luggage is extraordinary broad.

One of the best examples of the brand that meets both criteria of reasonable price and good quality is Lucas luggage. The following review was composed to provide you a deeper insight to the products offered by Lucas brand. This article includes the observation of features of top purchased suitcases of Lucas brand.

Vortex Lite Expandable Ultra Lightweight Spinner Suitcase

Lucas travel bag vortex ultra lightweight collection

Firstly, we would like to introduce to your observation the Vortex Lite Expandable Model. The particular model is great because the manufacturer managed to put together the functionality, durability, spacious inside area on the reasonable price.The manufacturer is used the finest honeycomb polyester material to construct the body of the suitcase. This is the key fact that allowed the Lucas company to issue this model very light in its weight. This feature is one of the most substantial as the lightness provides a great traveling experience to all travelers. The additional weight saver was the development used by designers of this suitcase model that allowed to construct a light and durable bag’s body. It seems unbelievable, but this 61 cm bag weighs just 2.3 kilos! The spacious inner design of Vortex Lite model is lined to provide the best protection to all belongings you take with you to travel. This particular suitcase is maneuverable due to its 360 degrees spinning wheels and a pull-out handle with the push button function were included in the design to improve the ease of transferring the suitcase. All mentioned characteristics are making it very simple to avoid any efforts needed to travel with the suitcase in any kind of the area.

Above all, the following model comes in a good design and various colors that are able to please the preference of a wide range of public.


World Tour Hard Side Spinner Suitcase

Lucas world tour hard side spinner suitcase

The particular model owes all of the advantages of Vortex Lite Expandable suitcase and even provides some more. Due to the construction of the body from the hard material, the luggage bag provides the even higher level of damage-resistance and less aftercare need. It has a fabulous and very stylish design that will not leave anyone indifferent to the way it looks. The shell pattern brings the attention to the bag, featuring by the diverse worldwide travel trademarks.


Accelerator Expandable Club Duffel

Lucas accelerator duffel travel bag

The Accelerator model is also very comfortable in use for travelling. It is produced from the very thick polyester material, bringing the protection to the inside content of the bag. The particular duffel is carried using the two side handles. This bag also equipped with multiple zip cases and pockets to make it possible to arrange as many items as you would like. Additionally, the producer constructed the supplementary side zipped pockets from each side to allow to increase the size of the bag by inch.


Lucas Travel Bags
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