Modern elderly bathroom safety

Statistics from the US Census Bureau from 2010 assert that 5 percent of US residents over age 65 live in some form of assisted living arrangement. This may be a conventional nursing home, partial care facility or other related setting. Moreover, among seniors, more women reside at home compared to men. A person may remain at home as long as personal safety and well-being remain constant. Many feel that the first place within the home to ensure safety is the bathroom.

The overall goal with observing home safety is to provide comfort, competence and minimal chock-a-block. Falls are noted to be the leading cause of nonfatal and fatal injury among seniors in North America. Nearly six out of ten persons, age 65 and over, are likely to have a fall in the home. Providing safety accessories can significantly lower the risk of fall and increase personal independence, especially for seniors living on their own.

The bathroom is noted to have hard surfaces, confined space or slippery surfaces from water exiting the shower or bathtub. During hours of darkness, an LED night light may serve to brighten the path from one’s bedroom or living room to the bathroom. A twin-pack is estimated to sell for under $20.00.

It is recommended to replace or hang bathroom doors so they open outward rather than directly into the bathroom. It is suggested too, that bathroom doors be lock-free.

Concerning the toilet seat, it is indicated that a raised toilet seat is of benefit to seniors. A second option is a toilet frame with arms so one may assist themselves in standing or sitting on the toilet. Some mechanisms offer adjustable features.

The bathtub options are plenty. Common accessories are reviewed here. The most expensive option is a walk-in tub that range in price from $3,000.00 to $15,000.00 for accessory and installation. A second option is to cut out a portion of the tub so the person may enter and depart the tub with minimal challenge.

Bathtub grab bars also are offered with variety. A portable stander floor to ceiling pole can be used anywhere, and anti-slip grip tape can be added to the pole to augment personal security. So too, bathtub grab bar with lock and rubber padding can be attached with no damage occurring to the tub surface. The Moen bathroom grab bar, for example, varies in length and can be mounted on the wall. Popular grab bars models on

For shower and tub floors respectively, Tub Grip Clear anti-slip coating is a possible accessory. Again, the grab bar or pole may be reinforced by applying a product such as 3M Scotch gripping tape.

In the tub itself, a handheld shower head or nozzle may be used for ease. One may find a sliding bench and transfer shower chair for a reasonable cost with careful shopping. These items in particular are helpful to those with limited mobility or deemed to be frail. These accessories are designed to aid one in retention of quality of life.

Modern elderly bathroom safety
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