Modern Wheelchair Types

Most people don’t know this but wheelchairs actually come in all different types and styles they really aren’t just one size fits all. Each different type of wheelchair is designed to work to meet the specific needs of the individual using it. Some of the most common types of wheelchairs used today include a Standard Manual Wheelchair, Sport wheelchair, Transport Chair, and Electric wheelchairs. The needs of you or your patient will largely determine which wheelchair is the right one to choose.

Standard Manual wheelchair
A standard manual wheelchair will be the typical, run of the mill wheelchair that most people are used to seeing. They are generally a little less expensive but a lot more labor intensive to use. These types of wheelchairs need to be rolled themselves using man power which is why they are not a great choice for an elderly individual or someone who will be using a wheelchair long term. The manual wheelchair will be more useful for someone younger who may have broken a bone and only needs to use the chair for a short period of time. Modern wheelchairs reviewed on

Sport Wheelchairs
A sport wheelchair is a different form of the manual standard wheelchair. The difference between the two will be that the sport wheelchair has a better grip and better tire traction for outdoor use. These wheelchairs will be good for a child or younger adult that wants to be mobile while outside and will likely be using it in dirt or grass rather than indoors on a flat surface.

Transport Wheelchair
A transport wheelchair is used for just that, to transport patients in an easy and non invasive manner. These are more commonly used in hospitals and nursing home to simply get their elderly patient from one place to the other if they are having mobility issues for any reason. The transport chair should not be used for a long term, everyday wheelchair due to the fact that it cannot be operated manually another person needs to be pushing it and operating the controls. Lightweight wheelchairs for travel models are here

Electric Wheelchair
Electric wheelchairs are the most popular type of wheelchair that are largely used for a long term solution to immobility issues. Unlike the manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchair operate using an electric motor making the chair move easily and labor free on it’s own.
So when choosing a wheel chair to best suite your needs remember to consider length of time the chair will be used, and whom the chair will be used for and you will be on your way to the perfect wheelchair for you.

Modern Wheelchair Types
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