Rockland Melbourne Three-Piece Luggage Set

Rockland Melbourne 3-piece luggage setIf you need a high-end three-piece luggage set, then continue reading. Rockland offers a highly rated set that received 4 out of five stars on Amazon. Even though it’s not the best option money can buy, it’s a gift at this price.Unlike many other sets, this one comes in a broad variety of colors to suit any taste. To notice your luggage on a conveyor belt with ease, go for an orange or purple set. No matter what color you pick, the inner lining of your piece will feature polka dots. Be careful as there are many advertisers claiming that this Rockland luggage set comes with TSA locks; however, it doesn’t.This isn’t an option for you if you need a true hard-shell set. The Rockland Melbourne luggage is made of the ABS thermoplastic material. It is lightweight and stylish. Avoid using the set at low temperatures as it may crack.


Customers are not satisfied with its telescopic handle as it doesn’t feel reliable enough. It’s better if you roll the suitcase on its four wheels. Like many other hard-shell pieces, this one is prone to scuffing. If you worry a lot about the outer shell getting scuffed, then better opt for a piece with a soft shell. Since the bag may have a plastic smell, give it an airing as soon as you get it. To get rid of the smell, open the luggage and leave it overnight.

To remove dark scuffs from the shell of the Rockland suitcase, apply cleaning solution. Of course, you can pay more for a better luggage set that will serve you longer but note that it won’t be easy to beat the total value of this set for the price.

Advantages: The set is reasonably-priced. It is available in many different colors. Its wheels don’t produce much noise when rolling. The set is a perfect choice for less-frequent travelers. A large luggage piece offers much storage room for your belongings.

Disadvantages: According to many Rockland luggage reviews, this product isn’t truly hard-sided one. If you need a hard-shell piece, then go for something different. Its handle doesn’t feel firm enough when fully extended. The shell is prone to scuffs. Since many customers don’t look through all the pictures, in the end they get unhappy with its polka dot lining.

Rockland Melbourne Three-Piece Luggage Set
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