Tumi Carry-On Bags

Tumi is a leading manufacturer that produces exceptional luggage pieces. Tumi offers high-end and reasonably-priced bags, so you really get your money’s worth. Their carry-on luggage is a number one choice for those looking for high-quality pieces.


Reviews of Tumi Carry-On Bags

TSA Integrated Locks

There are lots of Tumi luggage reviews on the web nowadays. Their products become very popular because of their advanced features you won’t find on any other brand. Many hard cases feature a built-in TSA lock. To lock it, set your own combination. TSA agents don’t need to know the combination to open the lock as they have a master key. Soft-shell pieces come with separate locks that secure zippers together. Customers state that there is nothing difficult about setting up TSA locks. If your luggage comes without an integrated lock, you can get it separately. To avoid any misunderstandings at the airport, buy a TSA approved lock.


Tumi Tracer Plates

Have you ever lost your luggage? Tumi puts special metal plates inside all pieces they offer. These plates come with a 20-digit ID number, and you can register it on the Tumi website. When registering, you will be asked to give your contact information, and once your bag is lost, Tumi will help you find it. Don’t think that that’s what luggage tags are for, because thieves can remove them with ease. Take note that it’s tougher to get rid of Tumi Tracer plates because they are securely fastened to each unit. On the plates, there are detailed instructions on what to do if the piece is found. Be sure that the contact information you provide on the website is valid to improve the chances of getting your luggage back.

Tegra-Lite International Carry-On Bag

Tumi Tegra-Lite International carry on bag

With no doubt, the Tegra-Lite is among the most popular Tumi carry-on bags. It is lightweight, durable, and stylish. Made from 100% PP thermoplastic composite material, it is 21.5 inches tall. You can put the piece on almost every overhead compartment. The carry on looks appealing visually and is available in a wide variety colors. The piece comes with four wheels and a TSA lock.Made of the material that NASCAR race cars are made of, the unit is very durable. Since the intercontinental size is smaller than the continental one, the piece fits in every overhead baggage rack of any airline. The bag offers enough storage space for things for about two or four days of travel. Most users stick to the intercontinental pieces, but you may also try the continental one to get more usable space for your stuff. This model isn’t very big, so don’t expect much room. Because of the material the piece is not incredibly light, but still is exceptionally durable.


Vapor International Carry-On Bag

Tumi Vapor International carry on bag

Made from 100% polycarbonate, this piece is another perfect choice for those looking for a new high-quality carry-on bag. In contrast with the Tegra-Lite, this product offers more style options that include both different colors and patterns. Moreover, it is usually less expensive than the Tegra-Lite.

The piece comes with smooth and durable zippers and four wheels. On carpeting, it’s better to roll it on two wheels. In one Tumi vapor review, a customer compared this bag to the Samsonite Cosmolite, and claimed that the wheels of this unit are stronger and better built. For more styles, opt for its continental version.


T-Tech Cargo Continental

Tumi T-tech Cargo Continental carry on luggage

This polycarbonate luggage costs more than the Tegra-Lite bag. If you travel within the United States, a continental size is fine for you. This bag is slightly bigger than the Tumi t-tech international carry on and allows a little more storage room for your stuff. Many users of this piece successfully get this bag to fit in the overhead baggage racks on Frontier, Delta, Southwest, US, and United Airways.

One user was able to pack the following belongings in the Tumi tech luggage: five shirts, one suit, one belt, one pair of slippers, casual evening clothes, an undershirt, and workout clothing.


Alpha 2 International

Tumi Alpha 2 4-wheeled expandable international carry on bag

This bag is the only soft-shell carry-on piece included to our list. Made from 100% ballistic nylon, it’s more expensive than other models mentioned above. This piece of luggage comes with a Tumi’s “Add a Bag” strap, which means that you can secure another bag to this one. If you have many bags with you while traveling, then this bag is what you need to carry your stuff with ease. The piece features:

  • A hanger bracket
  • Tie-down straps
  • A removable garment sleeve
  • A mesh zip pocket
  • Zip pockets
  • A ticket pocket
  • A passport pocket


If you need a high-end soft-shell carry-on bag, there is no better choice than the Alpha 2.

Tumi Carry-On Bags
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