Samsonite silhouette sphere 2 softside spinnerBeing in school, I travelled a lot. Almost every weekend I spent on a plane travelling to some far away town or city. I had one beat up suitcase, but it worked. It was small and black and it had a mesh pocket where dirty clothes were kept and enough space for outfits for few days. It was not fancy but it rolled as well as kept my clothes in pretty good order. That bag has gone to the large dumpster in the sky since then; finally, it gave out in college. For some time, I have been hunting for a replacement that can last as long as the last bag did. Truth to say, the last one was not that expensive or special. It just happened to have enough staying power for some reason.That “forever” strong case I owned looked a lot like this Samsonite lift expandable wheeled luggage. The Samsonite carry-on as well as its 25 and 29-inch brothers have a refined exterior and are not overloaded with a lot of whistles and bells to report. This is not obviously a bad thing since I do not need a suitcase that is able to make me coffee. The thing that I need is just a bag that will hold up in spite of the fact that I am clumsy and drop things very often.


 Samsonite 29-Inch Spinner Review

Smooth Moves

The thing that this case has and my previous case did not is spinner wheels. The suitcase that I had was equipped with only two wheels so that I had to title it to roll. This Samsonite lift spinner 25 inch expandable wheeled luggage can be kept upright. You can push it along without applying much effort when carrying much of the weight. It does not matter what is packed inside, you can roll it along with the push of your fingertip.

Smooth Storage

As well as the bag that managed to serve me for many years, this Lift Spinner has a front pocket where you can keep small items such as charging cables and so on. I adore the idea of such a pocket because it allows accessing various things without unzipping the whole case. It may sound lazy perhaps, but still it is true!

Smooth Color and Style

The Samsonite lift comes in traditional black as well as two other extremely bright colors (bright red and blue). Since I get older and thus more impatient, I stick to the idea of luggage that I can see at a distance. Though I might have liked everything colorful when I was younger as I thought that being loud was fun and extraordinary, now it is only a matter of convenience. Standing around and trying to remember the bag that is actually mine is not for me since I have no time for it. Moreover, I do not want to worry that someone accidentally (or maybe even not so accidentally) have taken and walked off with my baggage.

Not So Smooth

Being overstuffed, this bag will fall over! However, I cannot actually say that it is the bag’s fault. In fact, if I needed to blame anything it should be science. The design of the case require distributing heavy things evenly because the base is not wide enough to warrant careless packing. It is not such a big problem, but it is worth considering.

Some of the suitcases have zipper issues, additionally to falling off or losing their pulls. It seems to be a huge problem with cases across the board. Thus, it is probably better to reinforce zippers of your spinner when you get them. It will be probably enough simply to clamp with pliers to close the gap.

Quite Bulky

This case line does not come with a matching feature so that it cannot be used in a role of a carry on. Though it does not affect the usability and capability of this case, if you are looking for a set, it might be the wrong choice for you. Moreover, at only under $200 per one suitcase, unless you really want to invest in luggage, to buy more than one cannot be the ideal variant for most people.

Sleek and Smooth Enough If It Is All That You Need

Overall, I adore the refined and sleek look of this Samsonite lift spinner 25 inch expandable wheeled luggage. Moreover, I am a big fan of brightly colored alternatives to just black. Despite being much more expensive, durability of this case is not an issue, which is obviously essential for a lot of people (including me).


Samsonite 29-Inch Spinner
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Samsonite 29-Inch Spinner
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