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Rimowa Luggage Review

One of the most important things to consider when planning a trip to some country or city – is, of course, the luggage. And for those people, who travel a lot and are demanding on high quality, function, lightweight and modern stylish design – the Rimowa luggage is a great option. Travelling is a very

Olympic 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel

There are different kinds of bags, for example, the ones that you may pull or roll around with ease or, on the contrary, the ones that you have to carry. All people have different purposes, but sometimes the choice also depends on physical characteristics. Let’s take my husband as an example. He is very tall

Lucas Travel Bags

It is a simple fact that most people believe that it is not worth to pay much attention to the travel suitcases. Maybe this is a single reason behind the picture you see at the airport when the owners of these bags struggle to pass security checkpoints. It is hard to see the people who

Jessica Simpson Luggage Reviews

If you are the admirer or find interesting Jessica Simpson’s  collections, from now on you have the opportunity to upgrade your personal wardrobe with the Jessica Simpson signature travel bags! As we are all aware, all designs are created with the direct involvement of celebrity herself. In other words, everything that you purchase from Jessica

Delsey Helium Aero Bag Review

There are a lot of bags that can perfectly protect clothes, shoes and other belongings. Various manufacturers offer different size and colours suitcases for comfortable travelling. If you want to have a bag with a hard shell, you should be prepared to pay a lot. However, today you may find out about one amazing bag

Best Bric’s Luggage

If you think that every next trip will be the same as your uncomfortable and full of troubles previous, you are wrong. Maybe your problem is that you do not want to spend enough money on a high-quality piece of luggage, cannot pick a suitable bag for your needs or chose unknown brands that simply

Samsonite Carry On Garment Bag

To choose the best carry on garment bag is a real problem for me since I am short. I work with kids and I am reminded about my little height every day. When they hit 11, all of them shoot past me because, in fact, I am 5’2’’, so that when they are 12, I

Best Duffle Bags Reviews

If you think that having a duffle bag is not fashionable anymore and carry it is too complicated, you have never had a good one. Below you will see a review of top 5 duffle bags that are not only pretty and comfortable but available for good prices. You cannot miss such a great chance

Best Ricardo Elite Luggage

Ricardo Beverly Hills is one of those luggage brands that offer the highest quality. Travellers who care about durability, stylish look of the bag and comfortable trips, choose Ricardo Elite. It is a popular line of the company that presents best-looking carriers for holidays and business purposes. If you have never heard nor had a

Athalon Luggage Bag

Probably, every traveller looks for the only one bag that will replace numerous big and small bags that store on shelves. Would you like to have a bag which will be perfect for long travelling with extreme conditions, week holidays, and two days business trips? Your answer is definitely YES! Now you have a chance
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