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The biggest problem with hard shell bags for me is that I do not think that they are flexible enough. Of course, they are made not to be very flexible, but personally, I feel a bit limited because of the inability to make additional space in them as you can with any softer luggage. Every time when I travel across country, I plan to come back with a bunch of various stuff as presents for my family and friends. Although a hard case is able to protect the contents, I cannot add all those things if my case is full to the brim from the very beginning.


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  • MaterialMaterial
  • CapacityCapacity
  • Carry-on eligibleCarry-on eligible
  • SizeSize
  • WeightWeight
  • WarrantyWarranty
  • Customer ratingCustomer rating
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  • Tasmania

  • MaterialPolycarbonate
  • Capacity~ 110/75/40 Litres
  • Carry-on eligible
  • SizeVary
  • Weight10.8/9.3/7.9 lbs
  • Warranty1-10 Years
  • Customer rating4.3 out of 5
  • Traveler's Choice

  • Toronto

  • MaterialHardsided ABS
  • Capacity~ 110/75/40 Litres
  • Carry-on eligible
  • SizeVary
  • Weight28.4 lbs (Full set)
  • Warranty1-10 Years
  • Customer rating3.8 out of 5
  • Traveler's Choice

  • Freedom

  • MaterialABS Plastic
  • Capacity~ 110/75/40 Litres
  • Carry-on eligible
  • SizeVary
  • Weight10/8.3/6.2 lbs
  • Warranty1-10 Years
  • Customer rating3.9 out of 5
  • Traveler's Choice

  • Siena

  • Material50% polycarbonate abs/50% Nylon
  • Capacity~ 80 Litres
  • Carry-on eligible
  • SizeVary
  • Weight11 lbs
  • WarrantyHight priority support!1-10 Years
  • Customer rating3.6 out of 5


Strong Expansion

Taveler's Choice luggage reviews

The Travelers’ Choice luggage set is actually a set of hard suitcases, but allowing expansion. All three cases can expand up to about 25% and remain sturdy enough to be able to protect the belongings inside.Moreover, they feature inside dividers that can make organizing nerds extremely happy. Instead of having a zip open pouch only on the top of the case, there is an absolutely separate compartment zipping into the cover.



Travelers’ Choice Luggage Reviews

Variety of Options

Purchasing this set, you get three sizes. It includes two big 25 and 29-inch cases that can be used for checked baggage or car travel. Moreover, you get a smaller one of 21-inche size. They are available in four different colors ranging from a little wild to demure. Pick from red, purple, black, and navy. Consider that the brighter colors are easier to notice on a conveyer belt, though the others are more appropriate for business trips.

Spinning but Sturdy

The travelers’ choice luggage is equipped with the spinner wheels that are actually double, which is an amazing design feature since due to it the case rolls much faster and easier. Moreover, it enables the case to stand on its own thanks to more stability provided by the wheelbase. It makes these cases easy to maneuver upright and ensures that they are less likely to roll over if you take your hand off at any minute.

Limited Access

The smallest case, which is of 21 inches, does not include any exterior pockets. That is why it is not very handy and convenient as a carryon. Surely, you can use it as one, but be ready that if you need to access to something quickly, for example, chargers, boarding passes, and so on, you will have to open the entire suitcase. For this reason, I believe that an exterior pocket might be really helpful.

Heavy on Its Feet

If you are a small person like me, this set may not be the best option since it is not lightweight. There are many suitcases that are a little heavier since in general they are made of heavier material, but overall these are obviously on the weightier side. Though it is rather disappointing, it should not be a big problem since they do not get lifted very often thanks to the wheels.



My awkward side adores the idea of hard suitcases, and an expandable hard-shell one is definitely the greatest idea I have heard these days. However, be sure to check the weight before purchasing a set (in any case), and remember that if you travel constantly, they will probably end up with some scratches on the outside. Being of almost $250.00, this set is not the cheapest one, but they are obviously better comparing to the most expensive ones available on the market. Frankly speaking, I am intrigued by the durability and price, and if the mentioned “quirks” are not a big deal for you, I think that this set of suitcases is worth considering.

Travelers’ Choice Luggage
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