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U.S. Traveler Rio luggage setMany people don’t want to invest too much money when it comes to luggage. Sometimes even expensive luggage sets have several negative feedbacks among many positive ones. Some people still claim something went wrong with the set even on the very first trip. Some of us don’t want to risk and prefer to buy cheap sets and not worry if the luggage gets damaged.You may get on a plane one day and for some reason you may be told that your luggage, which you planned to keep as a carry-on, has to be checked. Obviously, the people transporting your bag to the baggage area wouldn’t care for your expensive suitcase as much as you do.Though it is just a hypothetical thinking, and it probably will never happen to you, but travelers occasionally have to face some luggage transportation problems, and suitcases do get damaged at times in the baggage area. That is why some people prefer to use not very expensive luggage sets and not to worry about losing much money if they need to buy new luggage for the next trip.



US Traveler Rio Luggage Set Review

Travel Without Worrying

The set that we review in this article is the US Traveler luggage set, with the price under $50. This luggage has some useful features and makes an excellent purchase for the money. It is a convenient set of two carry-on bags for you to travel and not to worry about the bags.

The larger suitcase has a two-wheeled mechanism for rolling. The smaller one can hold things that you want to stay within reach and some little things like toiletries. Your laptop or tablet can fit into the smaller bag. The larger suitcase has the polyester lining and straps to hold things down. The bags can be spot-cleaned if needed.

Easy to Spot

This luggage set comes in four bright colors. If you want your luggage to blend in with other black and brown ones, then this set is probably not for you. If you don’t need to look business-like, this cheerful green, purple, royal blue or orange luggage set will surely brighten your trip. Any of them is easy to find among other luggage at a baggage claim.

Simple and Convenient

This set is obviously made with the thought of your convenience. Despite its low price, it has some features that will make you appreciate your US Traveler Rio luggage set. The smaller bag has a fabric strip that allows fixing it on top of the bigger one, and you can pull both your bags together. It can be extremely useful sometimes to be able to pull all your luggage with one hand and to have another hand free.

To Expand or Not to Expand

The bigger suitcase can be expanded by unzipping a hidden part, which will give you more packing room. But this feature has some weak points, because when enlarged this bag may not fit into the overhead compartment. That is why you may want to think twice when tempted to pack it above the non-expanded size.

Needs Some Time Alone

Many shipped bags usually have one common problem: they retain the smell of the factory. If you purchase a bag from a store, it usually is aired and ready to be used. However, if you leave your shipped bag open for some time, the smell should go away.

Snap and Go

The retractable handle of this bag has two length options. This is quite convenient because you can choose handle length according to your height. The handle doesn’t look unbreakable; this may be the reason that the price of this luggage is not high. If you plan to handle the set roughly, overload it and travel all the time, then this set may be not a good choice for you. However, this luggage set probably will last long and serve you well if you use it occasionally and carefully.


You may decide to invest in more expensive items, and quite reasonably expect higher quality. This may be your choice. On the other hand, the US Traveler Rio Luggage Set is enough comfortable and well designed. There are many positive US Traveler Luggage reviews and good feedbacks from the owners. Therefore, you may choose to pay less, purchase one of these brightly-colored sets and enjoy the convenience of using it for your next trip.

US Traveler Rio Luggage Set
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US Traveler Rio Luggage Set
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